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Your New Ticketing


Support your clients needs with
a app


Group Filtering

Sort through your tickets using filters that are based on groups from your board.

Mappable Fields

Change what you are presenting in each ticket by selecting columns from your board.

App Tutorial.


Add TicketBooth to

Head over to the Marketplace through your profile icon and download TicketBooth.


Enable TicketBooth’s API

For our client communication feature to work, be sure to enter your API key when prompted or in the settings.


Customize TicketBooth to fit your Monday boards

Now that you’re setup, use TicketBooth to convert your boards to a streamlined ticketing system.

Now Available.

Ticket can currently be download for free in the marketplace

About Us.

TicketBooth was first developed to help the Carbon Web team eliminate the cost and difficulty of using a third party ticketing software. After implementing it into their day to day operations, it was clear that this app could help all companies who are using

“At Carbon Web we use heavily throughout all of our processes. TicketBooth saves us the time of switching between platforms and makes sure we don’t miss any client requests or steps in our process”

- Mitch McLaughlin, COO at Carbon Web

Our Roadmap.

Ticketbooth is always looking to expand. Help us out by requesting features that would benefit all users.

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Contact Us.

Please share any feedback or questions so that we can
continue to improve our application.